I am a UK-based long-short value investor.

Although I may post about individual stocks (none of which should be considered recommendations) I enjoy writing most about the process of investing. In particular, capital allocation, behavioral biases, investment pitfalls, mistakes and risk management.

Why Danger Capital? First I am not a hedge fund, but I think the average investor would benefit from thinking like the best ones - balanced, global, long term & activist. Secondly Danger Capital would be a terrible name for an investment firm. Most firms have words like 'trust' or 'rock' in their name signifying how they would never take any risk with your money. However the judicious taking of risk  that others don't want to bear is they key to generating returns. Everyone wants to own the shares of well-known, exciting, growing companies but because everyone wants to own them they are, on average, overpriced and generate poor returns. So the storm is important but so is rationality, peace and stillness for good decision-making. Hence why I aim to be investing from the eye of the storm.

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